To access your courses in the Bride Ministries Institute, please do the following steps: 

Step 1: Click the link to go to the courses page: 

If you have never signed in, but owned courses previously.  Find your login creation email sent to you on Friday or Saturday, May 12-13, 2023 from BRIDE Ministries Institute <[email protected]> titled "Add a password to your new account at BRIDE Ministries Institute".  The email sent will allow you to set your password.

Step 2:  Sign in or the courses your have purchased will not be listed.  If you are not signed in, the system will ask you to purchase the courses again. 



Type your email and password into the pop-up and click "Login".

Step 3:  Select your Course.  


Step 4: Click Continue Under the Course name


Step 5: After selecting Continue, the course player will pop up. You can navigate to any portion of the course on the left without completing a previous section.


Example of getting to a video:

Click the section you want to see (1) and then the label for the video (2). After it loads click the play button in the window (3).


If forgot your password or are still not able to access your account continue in this article, How to Change my Password