In recent times, a continually increasing number of survivors are coming forward and discussing their involvement in government-sponsored mind control agendas in the US, Australia, Germany, and a long list of other nations. Two accounts were detailed in Cathy O’Brien’s “Trance Formation of America” and Brice Taylor’s “Thank You For the Memories”. In popular culture, movies like “Manchurian Candidate” and “Jason Bourne” are examples of what government mind control agendas look like. Each year, the CIA is disclosing more classified projects validating the stories of survivors who were implicated in these projects.

The link between Dissociative Identity Disorder and government mind control projects is undeniable. DID is the mechanism by which these agendas can be executed. Once an individual learns to dissociate as a coping mechanism, he/she can then be programmed by his/her programmers and/or handlers.

Programmers are individuals in a cult or government organization that use various techniques and technologies to create trauma, fragment the mind, and install belief systems and/or demonic overlays into the individual. It is common practice to merge the occult with technological programming techniques. Handlers are people that will maintain an environment of control and/or abuse in an individual’s life in order to make it difficult or impossible to escape the situation.

Programming is done by introducing trauma which will cause the individual to split. The dissociated fragments of the soul and/or spirit are then given an identity, a belief system, a job, unique physical and linguistic abilities, and whatever else is needed to accomplish the programmers’ objectives.

Institutions that we interact with every day are often complicit in these agendas, including Hospitals, Colleges/Universities, Military Bases, Religious organizations, and the occult.