The highest level of mind control is executed by a cult known as the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a group of families that trace their history back to thirteen root bloodlines. Illuminati families work in direct collaboration with fallen heavenly powers in order to advance Luciferian agendas in the earth. While there are people that claim to be initiated into the Illuminati, this is unlikely to be true. The true Illuminati is based entirely on bloodlines.

When it comes to Illuminati programming, it will involve satanic ritual abuse. The individual will be subjected to a vigorous schedule of rituals, torture, rape, deprivation, and unmentionable horrors. This abuse will be executed in tandem with government-sponsored mind control projects. Illuminati programming is extremely complex and is designed and overseen by non-human intelligence. An Illuminati survivor will be implicated with other realms, dimensions, ages, and timelines. The trauma is so extensive that it is not uncommon for an Illuminati mind control survivor to have hundreds of thousands of fragments. Some survivors can have millions of fragments. Only a portion of these parts will remain with the physical body.

When Illuminati mind control is present, it will mean that the individual does not have a pure human genetic code. All Illuminati survivors will have non-human genetic markers, which serve as the backdoor to many of the spiritual problems they face. They will have parts scattered throughout the multiverse and across various timelines and dimensions.

Illuminati survivors will also be interfaced with a large number of heavenly powers. These heavenly powers will hold parts of them prisoner in their realms. They will be interfaced with computers that are both on and off planet through the quantum field. These computers can generate digital realms that hold their fragments hostage. Their bondage will often be reinforced by the presence of various types of implants including nanotech implants, liquid crystals, torture implants, audio implants, and more. Illuminati mind control always includes the presence of high-level technologies that mainstream science does not acknowledge exists. Overcoming Illuminati programming is the most difficult type of programming to heal from and requires extensive interventions with the power of God.