We, at BRIDE Ministries International, feel that you should believe the Bible first and foremost. We are well aware that there are ministries that teach that Christians can’t have demons. We would never force anyone to believe as we do that Christians can be held in demonic bondage, and if you are uncomfortable receiving deliverance, proceed no further! However, if you are reading this FAQ, you are likely looking for permission to receive the deliverance you know you need. In our experience, not only do Christians have demons and demonic bondage, but we believe that biblical deliverance ministry is necessary for every believer. Acts chapter 8 clearly reveals that Simon the sorcerer was still in the bondage of iniquity after he was saved and baptized. If God has led you to this deliverance resource, we invite you to use it! If your current church or ministry doesn’t agree with deliverance ministry, you have the convenience and access to confidentially receive your deliverance in private. God wants you free!