There are several ways to join the service.  Many are now downloading and installing the new Bride Ministries APP - the live stream of the service is available right in the app.  

Bride Ministries also streams the Sunday services on Facebook Live and YouTube Live... follow us on Facebook and you will receive notifications when we go live. Feel free to join Bride Ministries via our Youtube feed or Facebook feed.

If you have trouble after visiting both of these sites, you may want to try a different browser, or make sure that all of your plugins are up to date.  

The most recent additions are the new Bride Ministries ROKU App.  To use this, you have to have a ROKU device connected to your TV.   To find Bride Ministries, All you have to do is perform a "Channel Search" and Start Typing in "Bride Ministries" - When you open the app, you'll be able to join the live stream on Sunday Evenings.

We've also appeared on Apple TV!  Much like Roku, you must have an Apple TV device connected to your TV.  By doing a simple search for "Bride Ministries", You'll easily be able to add our app and join our live services.