Tuition for year one is $2500 if paid upfront. Tuition can also be paid as a down payment of $500 with a monthly payment of $200 for February through December. No travel is required during year one, but we do encourage travel to the in-person Intensives taught by Daniel Duval. Travel and hotel costs will not be covered by program fees. This tuition includes lifetime access to the entire Bride Ministries Institute, weekly live groups led by coaches on the Bride Ministries platforms, and access to all four live weekend intensives taught by Daniel Duval.

Tuition is $7500 for the second year if paid upfront. Tuition can also be paid as a $3500 down payment with monthly payments of $400 for February through December. Travel is required in order to attend the four weeklong trainings in Katy, TX. Hotel and food during weeklong training is included in tuition, but travel costs are not. These training events go from Monday through Friday. There will also be several books that students will be responsible for purchasing throughout the year. 

Tuition for the third year in residency is $150/month. No travel is required. Students in residency are also afforded the opportunity to attend the annual coach retreat. Students must remain in residency for a minimum of 6 months before they will be considered for the Bride Ministries Coach platform. Residency does not meet during the months of December or January. There is no charge for those months.